No-code Jailbreak & Root Prevention in iOS & Android apps

Why do people (and hackers) Jailbreak iOS & Root Android?

Hackers Jailbreak iOS & Root Android devices so they can unlock/control the OS and escalate administrative privileges. Once they control the OS, they usually try to disable security protections. This puts your app in a relatively defenseless state, and easy to attack.

Top 3 Reasons To Protect Apps From Jailbreaking and Rooting

  1. FULL ADMIN CONTROL — jailbreaking and rooting gives hackers full control to perform system-wide operations on a device — full stop. T hey can modify the OS, run scripts that grab data stored in shared areas of the file system, they can even compromise non-shared areas (like your app sandbox).
  2. DISABLE SECURITY DEFENSES — Once jailbroken or rooted, the hacker has compromised the OS and gains administrative control over the device. This could make it impossible for users to use your app or for the hacker to present the user with false or malicious information.
  3. AUTOMATE MALWARE — Jailbreaking also makes it easier for hackers to deliver, update and automate malware attacks to achieve scale.

From Pegasus to EventBot

While a user typically jailbreaks or roots their own mobile device, this isn’t always the case. Remember the now-infamous Pegasus spyware from back in the day?

No-code Jailbreak and Root Protection

Appdome’s no-code mobile development and security platform enables developers and security folks to protect any iOS or Android app against jailbreak/rooting without any coding at all. This enables your app to detect when it’s running on in a compromised environment and defend itself.

ALAN BAVOSA is VP of Security Products at Appdome, a no-code mobile app security and development platform.