Appdome’s COVID-19 Mobile Consumer Survey — Security Expectations

COVID-19 Mobile Consumer Survey

Consumer Expectations About Mobile Security

Executive Summary of Appdome’s COVID-19 Mobile Consumer Survey


The COVID-19 Mobile Consumer Survey is the Voice of the Consumer

Dramatic Increase in Mobile App Use in COVID-19

Consumer Confidence and Trust in Mobile is Low

More Work is Needed for Consumers to Trust Mobile apps

Mobile Consumers Expect Developers to Protect Their Data

Consequences of Mobile App Breaches in COVID-19

Protect Mobile Users or Expect Harsh Reactions

The Impact to Mobile App and Business Economics

Trust Is Critical to Every Mobile App Business

Recommendation for Mobile App Developers: Protect Mobile Users!

What’s Next — COVID-19 Mobile Consumer Survey

ALAN BAVOSA is VP of Security Products at Appdome, a no-code mobile app security and development platform.